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About Us


TCM Products was founded by Rance John and Terry Armstrong in 2017, after having a conversation while working in Sales & Education for Design Essentials. Rance, who is 30 year veteran in the barber/grooming industry, asked Terry if the company was going to make any grooming products for men? Terry's answer to that question was "no". They were having the conversation because both Rance and Terry, had noticed that the grooming needs of men, especially multicultural men, had been ignored for many years. From behind his chair in his shop in St. Louis, Rance would see daily how being well groomed would have a positive impact on a man's self esteem. Well, Terry couldn't stop thinking about the question from Rance, so fast forward a couple weeks later, Terry met with Rance in St. Louis and said "Why Don't We Do It", and from that moment TCM was born.

TCM Vision

To help all men be the best version of themselves in every aspect of their life.

TCM Lifestyle Philosophy

The TCM Lifestyle is about an uncompromising approach to living life to the fullest as only men know how to do. We work hard, play hard, love hard and want to look good doing it!

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