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Good Shoe Care

If you want to know about a man, look at his shoes (and his watch, but we already talked about that). A couple of things to note are the type of shoes a man is wearing, and the condition of the shoes. The devil is in the details, and the shoes…

5 Things College Guys Need to Know

Take it from this not-so-recent graduate—these can be the best years of your life. Or the worst I have no regrets about my college years, at least none that I remember. As much as times may change—no internet, e-mail, or cell phones when…

Basic Bourbon Terms Every Guy Should Know

The patois of bourbon has developed over centuries. During that time, the language mostly stayed within the confines of distilleries. But now a rekindled obsession for American whiskey is pushing the jargon into the mainstream. Chalk some of…

Cuba Goes Retro With Two New Cigars

Two new Cuban cigars will be released during the upcoming Feria Internacional de La Habana, a multi-industry trade show held each year in Cuba. The cigars, a Romeo y Julieta Club Kings and a Partagás Capitols, will be sold in metal five packs.…

Where To Get The Best Shave in America

A clean shave is a feeling quite unlike any other. While it's something many can manage with in the comfort of their own homes, I've found that for the best experience, nothing can top the thrill of a shave in a barber shop. Granted, the old-school…

Tools for the Perfect Shave

More Than a Razor: Tools for the Perfect Shave Facial hair aficionados know that getting the perfect look for your facial hair is more than just having a razor. My personal collection of male grooming products takes up a whole shelf in my bathroom. Your…

Defining Today’s Classic Man

Like defining a classy woman, defining what being a classic man means is not an easy task. There is probably no one clear definition or one trait or quality that makes a man classy. However, there are several specific characteristics that you…

TCM Cigar Aficionado

It's easy to needlessly pay top dollar for big name sticks, and it's even worse to get a “deal” ... Packaged in beautiful cedar sleeves, this cigar could fool you into thinking it's a $10 stick.Donec vitae hendrerit arcu, sit amet faucibus…

The TCM Man Code

Searching for a means of wooing your woman? Ditch the “bad boy” vibes and instead take up these 10 rules of being a contemporary gentleman. Some girls like them bad, some like them nerdy. However, there is one breed of a man that will…