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Spring Travel Destinations for Men

For many, the thought of vacation is usually reserved for the summertime, however Spring is also a great time to take a much-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. CAN WE SAY GUY TRIP! When we think of the term Spring Break, it’s associated with college and other students (and their hard-working teachers) needing to take a break from their studies. I would submit that adults also need a good spring break. You work hard, take some time to play hard, and in another city or country at that. Fellas, here's a list of some places that you can venture to and take a break from it all. So, grab your crew, and prepare for some new experiences, whether it be some good food, nightlife, and those “what happens there, stays there” memories.

Check out these 5 travel destinations for your 2022 guys’ trip.

  1.  Grenada -- Dubbed the “Spice Island,” Grenada, along with its sister islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique was officially designated as a Culinary Capital by the World Food Travel Association (WFTA) this year. This much-deserved recognition is putting Grenada—which produces some of the best spices, cocoa, and rum in the Caribbean—on many travelers’ radars for 2022. Home to unspoiled beaches and lush rainforests, the Caribbean island will also see a number of exciting new hotels open in 2022—including the Six Senses La Sagesse and Kimpton Kawana Bay Resort.
  2. Barcelona, Spain -- Barcelona is a magical metropolis, regarded as one of the finest cities in Europe and across the world. For those single guys looking to expand their horizons, Barcelona is also a great place to do so in style. To begin with, it’s a magnet for single travelers from everywhere who utilize the numerous hotels and hostels throughout the city. One main spot to stay in if possible is along La Rambla, which is a major pedestrian thoroughfare in the city and sees a great deal of activity from sunrise to well past sunset.Those who are avid sports fans will no doubt want to head over to the famed Camp Nou, the home of the storied F.C. Barcelona soccer team to join with close to 100,000 other fans. When it’s time to savor the nightlife, single guys will find that Barcelona isn’t lacking whatsoever in that department. The people in Spain view bars as a routine part of an enjoyable life, and travelers will find many to chat up interesting people in, such as the Sor Rita on the Plaça Reial, and the Mosquito Sunset Club which offers delectable tapas and smooth jazz. A trip to Barcelona is going to be one of the best vacations for single men.
  3. Bogota, Columbia -- This South American city has taken pains to showcase more than the crime-riddled parts of its past and has stood out as a pleasurable destination for guys looking for a good time in a great locale. There is a great deal of passion in Bogota, which can be felt in different ways. Food enthusiasts will definitely enjoy the dining scene in Bogota which runs the gamut from street food vendors to elite restaurants that serve national staples like arepas and ajiaco. For those who like to meet new people in a countryside environment, many encounters with new people can be had cycling through the 400 acres (161.87 hectares) of Simon Bolivar Central Park and the rest of the city - Bogota has over 186.41 miles (300 kilometers) of established bike routes.
  4. Gangnam, South Korea -- As popularized by the famous K-pop song Gangnam Style by Psy, this city has truly grown to be a must-see destination when in South Korea. Visiting a lively city like Gangnam is great for solo male travelers for work and play. There’s a lot to do, a ton to see, and so many events to experience, namely multiple seasonal festivals like Lunar New Year, Hangul Day, and even Christmas where locals go all out, decorating the streets and giving out treats to passers-by everywhere. Gangnam cuisine is unique in its own right and affordable, which is always great for budget travelers visiting the district. The criminality rate is low in Gangnam, making it a rather safe place to visit and even live for ex-pats and foreigners. Gangnam is an evolving district that has a promising work-life balance in their culture, and seeing the city is an interesting solo vacations.
  5. Miami, Florida -- One of the most tourist-friendly destinations in the US is Miami, Florida, home to some of the best beach parties and raves and absolutely one of the greatest vacation spots for single guys. South Beach is perfect for solo travelers and bachelors who are on the hunt for some good fun with new people. South Beach is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and the most beautiful people. Explore the area’s variety of high-end hotels, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and other establishments frequently visited by tourists and locals alike. Get the hang of attending live concerts and events with international DJs and performers making an appearance time and again in the area. Check out local attractions including Espanola Way, Big Pink, and the World Erotic Art Museum, among many other must-see hot spots. Spend ample time in South Beach when vacationing in Miami and you will be sure to get the chance to meet new people and fellow travelers that are sure to capture your attention.

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