A clean shave is a feeling quite unlike any other. While it’s something many can manage with in the comfort of their own homes, I’ve found that for the best experience, nothing can top the thrill of a shave in a barber shop. Granted, the old-school barber shop experience might be something of a less common occurrence in the 21st century, but there are still a fair share of shops across the country that are keeping the tradition alive and well (albeit with some modern twists).

Old Town Barber Shop

When it comes to carrying on pre-1950s barber traditions, there are few places that can match Old Town Barber Shop in the All-American town of Monrovia, California. The charm of the 40s is palpable here, from the vintage appearance of the building to the antique curious on display inside. In addition to great finds like classic straight razors and an olden-time lather machine, vintage memorabilia like a camera and movie projector adorn the shop’s front window.

Beyond the classic appeal of this barbershop, though, what makes getting a shave here great are the master barbers who work here. Their adherence to tradition is reflected in the techniques they use, their work ethic, and their approach to barbering in general–that the barbershop is more than just a place to get a haircut. It’s a community cornerstore and time-honored social institution as well.

Blind Barber

Though there are several Blind Barber locations scattered across the country, I’d like to draw attention to their East Village location in New York City. Nestled away behind an unassuming white door, the shop’s low-key exterior disguises the cutting-edge hipness that lies just inside. Staffed by a diverse cast of unique barbers, these masters of the trade exude style and provide a quality service. The experience here is further enhanced by the fact that the Backroom houses a cozy bar–the perfect follow-up to a perfect late-day shave.

Groom Theory

These hair-specialists in Florissant, Missouri, operate under a simple principle: expressing a unique style. Groom Theory owner, Haven, has developed his signature approach over a career spanning fifteen years. Honing in on providing a “focused” experience, cuts and shaves here are delivered with unparalleled precision and the inimitable quality of self-styled master.





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