The Stave (Click Here For Address And Deets)

Long Beach
This classy, wood-laden bar’s got three-whiskey flights every Wednesday, plus specials on call-your-own Old-Fashioneds and Sazeracs from their selection of nearly 100 brown boozes.

Seven Grand (Click Here For Address And Deets)

The granddaddy (wokka-wokka?) of LA’s whiskey scene, this brown-spirit bar’s still tops, with a huge range of whiskies, a dark vibe that’s both date- and hanging-with-the-boys friendly, and even a “Whiskey Society” where they teach you about rare whiskies via monthly tastings.

Jackalope (Click Here For Address And Deets)

Think of this as Seven Grand’s younger brother: a former private-room back area, Jackalope is now its own speakeasy-style, 18-seat bar with its own entrance (marked by a light, with instructions on how to enter in both Japanese and English), its own booze selection (including rarities like Balvenie Tun 1401), and just three cocktails: an Old Fashioned, a Manhattan, and a Highball.

Neat (Click Here For Address And Deets)

There are no menus at Aidan Demarest’s award-winning Glendale bar — just bottles and bottles (and bottles! AND BOTTLES!!!) of great booze, including rare ryes and Scotches, all of which can be drunk, uh, neat, or served with sides of house-curated mixers and produce.

Thirsty Crow (Click Here For Address And Deets)

It’s crazy to think that this classy, throwback bar used to be a novelty truck-stop, PBR-slinger called Stinkers. Now it’s worlds away from that, with shelves full of options for discerning whiskey drinkers and mixologists who know what to do with them (see: photo above).

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