More Than a Razor: Tools for the Perfect Shave

Facial hair aficionados know that getting the perfect look for your facial hair is more than just having a razor. My personal collection of male grooming products takes up a whole shelf in my bathroom.

Your Reflection

How can you shave well if you can’t even see yourself? Sure, some use the standard bathroom mirror that came with their house or apartment, but I prefer using a mirror specifically designed for shaving. The close-up view helps me get every detail I want in my look. A fog-free shower mirror is great for anyone who prefers to do their shaving in the shower. It will stay clear and ready for a shave while you get clean. There are also backlit mirrors so you can see your strokes even better.

Brush It Up

If you use shaving cream or soap to coat your shave, using a shaving brush will make it a much more pleasant experience. Not only does it aerate shaving cream, making it creamier, but it exfoliates your face and helps to open up your pores by applying gentle heat. A good quality brush is great for your skin and it looks pretty elegant too, if you ask me.

Those with long beards will find a beard brush indispensable. It detangles the hair and keeps it looking lush, in addition to spreading wax or oil products evenly throughout the hair.

Wax and Oil

A beard or mustache can be greatly enhanced with a bit of wax. These products are known as beard balm, mustache wax or beard oil. Many people condition the hair on top of their head but completely neglect the health of their facial hair. Waxes and oils not only protect your hair and keep it looking great but also give you options for styling.


Shaving is a somewhat abrasive process. Dragging a razor across the skin isn’t always the best for your post-shave glow. I like to use a pre-shave gel, which puts a thin layer of moisture in between the razor and my skin. After shaving, I wash my face and then I sometimes do an after-shave mask. This clarifies the skin and removes any oil remaining on the skin. Of course I have my handy styptic pen in case I slip up and need to tend to any cuts.


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