Two new Cuban cigars will be released during the upcoming Feria Internacional de La Habana, a multi-industry trade show held each year in Cuba. The cigars, a Romeo y Julieta Club Kings and a Partagás Capitols, will be sold in metal five packs. The cigars are known as Línea Retro because they are based on packaging designs from the 1970s.

Both cigars measure 5 inches by 42 ring gauge, a size known in Cuban cigar factories as a mareva. Habanos S.A. says the size is considered one of the benchmarks for the Cuban cigar industry. For the Partagás brand, it re-establishes the mareva as part of the brand’s regular portfolio of cigars.

In a press release, Habanos S.A. says that the metal five packs of marevas will eventually appear in all the major Cuban export brands. However, the Cuban tobacco monopoly declined to say how soon the five-packs will actually reach international retail markets.

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