TCM Lifestyle

Our Story:

Rance John and Terry Armstrong met in 2015 when a mutual friend and business associate, Corvonne White, came to Terry and said I have a barber in St. Louis who is tearing it up and he needs to be a part of our team. Corvonne was right, Rance was tearing it up and more importantly he we given back to the St. Louis community through various charitable events he sponsored such as: “Kutting out Homelessness”, “High School Haircuts Tour”, & “Rance’s Back-to-School Cuts for Kids”. So fast forward about 18 months when Rance asked Terry the most pivotal question, what is our current brand’s plan for the barbering and male grooming market. Terry honestly didn’t have a good answer for how Design Essentials was going to address the barbers and male grooming market, but being the business man he was he asked Rance, why don’t we just create our own line to address it. And that is how the TCM Collection was born. (TCM – The Classic Man)

The TCM Lifestyle Philosophy:

The TCM Lifestyle is about an uncompromising approach to living life to the fullest as only men know how to do. We work hard, play hard, love hard and want to look good doing it!

The TCM Collection is a male grooming line of products that is designed to address the variety of grooming needs men have. We feel there are many facets to today’s man and we have created a collection of products that are specifically formulated to address those needs. The TCM Collection targets the man who cares about his appearance no matter his race, nationality, ethnicity, occupation, marital status, interests, hobbies, etc.…. We are creating a lifestyle brand that delivers the performance of a premium male grooming line with a mystique that speaks to the executive in the boardroom, as well as, the baseball coach dad in any small town

TCM Gives Back:

“Real Men Are Role Models” is the philanthropic arm of TCM Products LLC. 10% of “Real Men Are Role Models” related sales are earmarked for Rance’s current charitable endeavors in St. Louis, as well as, others identified by Terry in Atlanta. Every city we go into as a brand, we plan to make a difference by given back to those communities through charitable organizations that target helping underprivileged youth and the homeless.